Friday, December 11, 2009

Menstruation Paintings by Emmy Anderberg

Hi everyone, we haven't been receiving a lot of work lately but we are still very much active, and appreciate all submissions and comments!

Emmy Anderberg just sent us some of her beautiful menstruation paintings, along with the following statement:

I began having the desire to reconnect with my menstruation a couple years ago. Like many societies, mine is one where menstrual blood is taboo. I became tired of the representation of menstruation as dirty, shameful, and the necessity to keep it hidden. These ideas conflicted with how I view my own menstruation. I feel menstrual art is a necessary step towards breaking the negative stereotypes that surround women and menstruation.
These period paintings act as a journal for me, being able to put on paper the state of being which consumes me. Sometimes I feel great on my period, and the paintings allow me to express my power in a tangible form. Other times, I feel like shit while menstruating. When this is the case, I often feel that I need alone time; I need to pay attention to myself and nothing else, and the paintings give me a place to love myself and connect with my body. This is an act spiritual renewal for me.


Mouth of Rain

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